JNTO in Vietnam to launch Japan tourism promotion campaign

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan (1973 - 2023), on 15th November, in Ha Noi, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) kicked off the campaign to promote Japan tourism and introduce the Japan Tourism Ambassador. Mr. Pham Van Thuy, Vice Chairman of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) attended and spoke at the event.

Accordingly, the campaign is under the theme “Japan Endless Discovery, the Origin of Passion”, and will include 5 main activities. Particularly, JNTO has officially appointed "Nhi Thang Family" including singer Dong Nhi, her partner Ong Cao Thang and their daughter Winnie, who have just had a trip to Japan together for the first time.

Along with that, the campaign will promote in a hybrid direction; invite another 5 celebrities/KOL to promote Japan tourism in their own ways; Organise minigames to receive gifts on social networking platforms; produce special gifts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan (only available for customers who register for Japanese tourism products through travel agencies).

Delegates performing the Kagami-biraki ceremony - officially kicking off the campaign to promote Japan tourism (Photo: TITC)

At the launching ceremony, Mr. Yoshida Kenji - Chief Representative of JNTO said, Japan has officially reopened to international tourism from 11th October 2022 and welcomed a large number of international visitors, including Vietnamese visitors. Therefore, the tourism activity has been reconnected after over 2 years of hiatus. 2023 will mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan. JNTO will also launch a large-scale Japanese tourism promotion campaign in 2023 to promote Japan tourism in Vietnam, thereby, promoting two-way tourism between the two countries as well as contributing to a series of events to celebrate this memorable milestone.

Mr. Yoshida Kenji - Chief Representative of JNTO speaking at the event (Photo: TITC)

Mr. Yamada Takio, Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Vietnam affirmed that the Japan-Vietnam friendship relationship with an "unlimited possibilities" is getting to a major turning point, creating momentum for further development in the future.

Mr. Yamada Takio further added, an important factor underpinning the development of the Japan-Vietnam friendship relationship is "The sharing and resonance between people and people". A trusted relationship between the two countries has been built for a long period of time, adding to the fact of the sharing, resonance in daily life through food, lifestyle, fashion, manga, anime at different generations including youth. Tourism, the first and foremost factor in promoting sharing and resonance between people.

Mr. Yamada Takio, Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Vietnam speaking at the event (Photo: TITC)

Mr. Yamada Takio hopes that the 50 years of relationship establishment will be exclusive for the expansion of tourism exchanges between the two countries, a milestone to not only restore the status as before the Covid-19 pandemic but also develop further in the coming time.

Giving his remarks at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Van Thuy, VNAT’s Vice Chairman emphasised, over the past years, the cooperative and friendly relationship between the Governments and people of Vietnam and Japan has developed conscientiously in many fields, including tourism. Vietnam and Japan have signed a Joint Declaration on Tourism Cooperation, creating a premise for concrete cooperation and development steps. Vietnam’s tourism products are rich and diverse, from cultural, heritage and ecological tourism to high-class beach resorts stretching from North to South.

VNAT’s Vice Chairman Pham Van Thuy at the event (Photo: TITC)

Additionally, due to the short geographical distance, convenient air connection, and visa exemption policy for Japanese citizens, Vietnam's destination is practically suitable for the interests and demands of Japanese people. Japan is an important tourist source market of Vietnam Tourism. There has been a large wave of Japanese visitors to Vietnam recently. In 2019, Vietnam welcomed an enormous number of nearly a million Japanese visitor arrivals. Japan ranks 3rd in the list of countries and territories sending the largest visitors to Vietnam, stated VNAT’s Vice Chairman Pham Van Thuy.

Mr. Pham Van Thuy also indicated that Japan has always been a destination of special attraction for Vietnamese people. Vietnamese people are eager to come and explore Japan, the beautiful country with unique culture, friendly people, exquisite cuisine and especially shopping tourism products. In 2019, nearly half million Vietnamese visitor arrivals visited Japan.

Overview of the event (Photo: TITC)

After 2 years being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry has regularly resumed. In Vietnam, after the restoration of tourism from 15th March 2022, policies to create favourable conditions for visitors such as immigration procedures have been restored as before the pandemic. With the support of Japanese partners, Vietnam successfully organised an event to introduce Vietnamese tourism in Kanagawa within the framework of Vietnam Tourism - Culture Week in Japan. In the first 10 months of 2022, Vietnam welcomed more than 2.3 million international visitor arrivals, including nearly 97,000 Japanese visitor arrivals.

On 17th November 2022, the Vietnam - Japan Tourism Cooperation Committee will have an official meeting in Da Nang along with many promotional events taking place in the two countries, which is believed to contribute to promoting mutual tourism. VNAT’s Vice Chairman Pham Van Thuy hopes that with relaxing policies on entry and exit, with the tourism potential of each side, the exchange of tourists between the two countries will develop swiftly and sustainably. At the same time, he requested that Vietnamese media and press agencies introduce practical, useful and updated information about Japan's tourism as well as activities in response to the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam - Japan (1973 - 2023). The strategic cooperation between the two countries, including the tourism sector, will be spread and strongly introduced to businesses and individuals, so that each individual can become an "Ambassador", a bridge to connect mutual tourism.

(Source: Tourism Information Technology Center)