What to eat when coming to Kien Giang?

Fish vermicelli is a typical and popular dish in the West of the river. However, each region has its own characteristics with different flavors. If in Chau Doc, visitors will enjoy the rich vermicelli served with roasted meat, pork rolls, while in Kien Giang, the dish is made from fatty snakehead fish on rivers and fields, eaten with fresh shrimp. The white color of fish and vermicelli is dotted with the red color of shrimp, yellow of eggs, green of green onions along with sweet broth to create an attractive dish unique to Kien Giang. Fish noodle soup in Kien Giang is gradually becoming popular, entering the daily life of the people of that land in the western part of the river. There is also a proverb:
"Who goes to Rach Gia, Kien Giang
Eat a bowl of fish noodles filled with human love."

Xoi Siam is a specialty you can hardly ignore when coming to Kien Giang. To have a delicious sticky rice, it is necessary to choose Thai sticky rice bought at Ha Tien market, transported along the Cambodian border. The way to cook sticky rice is not too complicated, but it requires experience and ingenuity. Steamed sticky rice must be cooked, flexible, not mushy but not hard, the sauce is sweet, greasy but not fatty, and fragrant. Siamese sticky rice has both sweet and savory sticky rice. Salty sticky rice with only pounded shrimp sprinkled on top also tastes strangely delicious. With sweet sticky rice, visitors can choose chicken sticky rice, mango sticky rice, coconut sticky rice. Each type brings a unique delicious taste that only in Ha Tien you can find that flavor and taste.

Pineapple tube cake is one of the favorite street snacks in Ha Tien town. To make the cake, a cylindrical cake mold about 15cm long is required, attached to a stainless steel pot that can boil water at the bottom and the filling will be steamed very quickly in less than a minute. The ingredients to make this fragrant green nuggets cake include only glutinous rice flour with grated coconut and pandan leaves to create a green color for the cake. When cooked, the cake is taken out and sprinkled with a little more sesame, grated coconut is very fragrant and attractive. This pandan tuber cake is especially delicious when eaten hot.

Although crab cake soup is not a special dish, it is very famous in Kien Giang waters. Because the crabs used to prepare the dish are caught and processed immediately, they still ensure the freshness and sweetness of the meat. Thanks to the delicious fresh crabs and the fragrant and chewy fish cakes, this dish not only makes you full but also extremely nutritious. A special feature is that each bowl of crab cake soup has a small but eye-catching bright red crab, so those who like to eat seafood will not be able to ignore this attractive dish.

In Kien Giang, people have created a rustic but delicate jaggery cake from typical local ingredients. Jaggery cake is made from jaggery juice, jaggery fruit and rice flour. The cake has an eye-catching yellow color and is wrapped in a banana leaf with a soft sweet taste and a rich aroma that makes everyone enjoy it. When the cake has just been taken out from the steamer, the cake is cooked evenly, the sweet scent spreads, making diners want to eat it right away. The cake is soft, fragrant, smooth, the more you eat, the more you will love it. Going to Kien Giang without eating jaggery cake is a waste. This is a famous snack not only in Kien Giang cuisine but also one of the unique cakes of Vietnamese cuisine.

Honeysuckle is a tree of the palm family, has wide spreading leaves and mainly grows wild, mostly on Ham Ninh mountain. Honey leaves are often used to weave conical hats, in addition, they can also be used to wrap banh tet, creating a cake with its own unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. After picking, the leaves will be washed, dried until slightly wilted, wiped with oil until soft, and then wrapped in cakes. Because the leaves are very tough, when wrapping the cake tightly, the cake will have a triangular shape, different from the banh tet wrapped with banana leaves. Banh tet honey kidney is wrapped with sticky rice, filled with pork fat, cooked green beans and tomato. When ripe, the cake will have a very beautiful jade green color of honeydew leaves, a gentle and faint aroma of pandan leaves. When eating, you will feel the plasticity of sticky rice, the fatty taste of fatty meat and green beans. This is a dish you must try when coming to Phu Quoc.

Coming to Kien Giang, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery with peace, white sand, golden sunshine and light wind, but also enjoy a lot of delicious dishes from seafood from the sea. It is flawed if you miss Ham Ninh crab, although it is not big but very firm, the meat is fragrant. Crab is processed into many dishes such as steamed crab, fried with tamarind, roasted with salt, etc., but the most delicious is still boiled with salt and pepper lemon to keep the flavor of the crab. Or all kinds of snails, fan scallops, delicious dishes from shrimp, squid, ... and even specialties made from urchin, when removing all the outer layers of thorns, the fresh meat inside will be the flavor. retain tourists when coming to this land.

Bun trumpet is a very unique dish of Ha Tien cuisine with a sophisticated and multi-step process. In order for diners to feel the delicious taste of fish, the richness of fresh coconut in the broth or the vegetables and cucumbers eaten together, the chef must be very careful in making fish and cooking broth.
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